Soaking Sunday
Sometimes you just need to cancel your service agenda or plans and just sit in the presence of God. We take the time to plug in to his presence through intimate worship that will create an atmosphere of healing, deliverance and prophetic utterances.

180 ( 1 Eighty )
This is our contemporary seeker (Unchurched) service at The Foundation of the World. We encourage those who are not familiar with the ways of a traditional church to come be apart of this service. We change the appearance of our worship style, multi-media, and even our clothing in this service to meet the needs of seekers and unbelievers.

Cell Sunday
On certain Sundays we design our regular Sunday services to be broken down into several small groups throughout the sanctuary. Our objective is for the membership to obtain relationships and fellowship among each other.

Church in the Park
In order to effectively reach this world for Jesus Christ, we understand that some people will never step foot into a church. That is why we schedule a date to evangelize the community during our regular services times. Instead of meeting at our church we may meet outside in a park, tent or community center, etc.
Our Services and events are geared toward various people of all different types of backgrounds. We welcome the contemporary styles of Christian Worship, as long as it produces an environment where people can be free to experience the move of God in their own personal lives. We purposely position our services to meet the culture, backgrounds, age, gender, and expectations of our members. We design each segment from the music, down to the Word of God; to accomplish this goal.

In our Services you will experience, Powerful Contemporary Praise, Deep Sincere Worship, Intimate Prayer, Seeker (Unchurched) Friendly Environment, Visual Teaching that include Movie, Music videos, Drama, and prop teachings , Wednesday Night Biblical Training, Service Types such as 180, Cell Sunday, Worship Service, etc.

We designed these particular church services to help the typical person to find their God-given purpose for everyday living. Many people are lonely in our society; part of the reason is because they simply haven't found a spot where they fit in. We don't plan to be like your ordinary church, but a church that is dedicated to building up the community.
Meeting Every Sunday at 10:30 AM
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