If you have a desire to advance from L.A.B.O.R.S. into the ministry process please take a moment to fill out the Leadership Application and Spiritual Gift Analysis .

After review of your application and spiritual gifts analysis you will be contacted to schedule an interview with a member of the Leadership staff. Please answer each question the best and honest way you possibly can. The total application process can take up to 45-60 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Before you submit this first part of the application please complete the personal spiritual gifts analysis form. This process may take about 30-40 minutes. At the end of the evaluation you will be asked for your email address, please type in “info@thefoundedworld.org” in the email address so that we can keep for our records.

You can also have a copy by placing a Semicolon ( ; ) and a Space ( ) after the email address and place your personal email address in the section as well. Example info@thefoundedworld.org; someone@homeaddress.com.

Remember to come back this application after you have completed the spiritual gifts analysis.
To begin your spiritual gifts analysis please below
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